Ergonomic Therapy and Associates Services

Ergonomic Therapy and Associates Services We offer the following services at your facility:

  • Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Dysfunction (MSD) Risk Analysis.
  • No Lost Time training for management
  • No Lost Time training for employees
  • Ergonomics Team Training
  • Restricted Duty training and consulting
  • Stretch Break Training Classes
  • Ergonomic Surveys &/or Work Risk Analysis
  • Ergonomics Training for the Office Setting
  • Pre-placement and Return to Work Screenings or Evaluations
  • On-site Physical Therapy

An on-site therapist can work wonders for your injured employees. Research shows that injured employees who can continue to safely perform productive work duties during recovery are more likely to achieve a complete recovery. Ergonomic & Therapy Associates can provide therapy to employees at the job site as needed whether it's everyday or just once per week. The on-site therapy program is customized to ensure maximum results for companies and employees. If you are located in the Chattanooga area, please feel free to contact us by
phone (423) 894-0014 or email (

Benefits Include:

  • Reduced workers compensation claims
  • Reduced medical costs
  • Reduced lost workdays
  • Improved productivity
  • Decreased time away from work for healthcare appointments