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Why an Ergonomics Training Program makes Good Business Sense

Right on target on what we need" "The presentation was very good, I believe this will help us reduce injuries.

Ergonomics training helps employees to reduce workplace injury. Customized programs can improve performance without causing injuries. It offers businesses a common-sense strategy for eliminating unnecessary musculoskeletal disorders and repetitive stress injuries in the workplace.


Our experienced method has worked at over 500 workplaces has taught us many valuable lessons about effective injury claims prevention. But it is more than injury prevention!! What about the polices, politics, attitudes that can greatly increase the cost of rach claim? NO-LOST-TIME addresses these issues directly.

NO-LOST-TIME is not just an "Ergonomics Program".... It is an "Ergonomics Alternatives" Program.

The NO-LOST-TIME program has three components:

  • MSD Risk Analysis: more than an ergonomics analysis... examines each job to describe risks of ergonomics, worker behaviors and company policies that lead to injuries-claims-costs. A report suggesting corrections. Suggestions not limited to ergonomic re-design; rather, offers many no-cost low-cost alternatives to costly re-design. Gives you a written Action Plan to follow. To see a sample of this MSD Risks Report, click this link... SAMPLE MSD RISK ANALYSIS REPORT
  • Manager-supervisor Training on the Upper Extremity MSD School or Back School: on what causes your injuries-claims-costs and how to reduce them... ergonomics, medical issues, attitudes & policy issues, return to work strategies, stretching, job rotation, posture control, and many other tactics. Builds commitment among supervisors to implement your ergonomics plan with cooperation, motivation, skill. No prevention program can succeed without that !! And employee training will not work unless supervisors-managers are trained first.
  • Employee Upper Extremity School or Back School for workers on reducing work fatigue-pain-injury... self-care and protection of the working aging body. Rather than focus on disease and symptoms, our tactic is fatigue-avoidance training! Employees must be trained to accept responsibility for the working, aging body.

Very educational, I learned a lot that I can apply to my employees immediately. My expectations were exceeded.

WHAT DOES NO-LOST-TIME COST? ...a comprehensive MSD Prevention program costs about $30-40 per employee. These costs are recovered if NO-LOST-TIME prevents only 2-3 MSD claims for a typical workplace, or perhaps a 10 percent decrease in lost time claims or days Thereafter, the investment turns a profit. We actually average 70% reduction in MSD lost days.